Melanie K.

"We have been using Creative Signage for 10 years now for our business signs, events and weddings. I recommend you try him if you are needing Commercial Signage. Lonny is dependable and his work has always been of outstanding quality."

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Mary M.

"I would like to thank Lonny & Creative Signage for the fast, efficient and creative projects they have completed for our family business for a few years now. We sometimes have challenges with scheduling and time but Lonny has always been efficient and fast at getting the job done. Thank you Lonny for your patience and timeing"

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Jason B.

"We are a small business but we have been very happy with the service Creative Signage has offered us with our marketing and advertising. It has been extremely profitable for us to invest in ongoing signage for promotions and business marketing. They build excellent quality banners and marketing printing for a reasonable price. Thank you. "

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Mr. Millens

" I recommend Creative Signage. They have been a big part of our even planning business and getting things done. We are busy and our schedule is crazy but it never fails for Lonny to get that project done on time for my special events. He also does incredible banners and signage for small events and demos. I highly recommend them. Thanks."

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Mark V.

Lonny is a hard working individual and we have been using Creative Signage for many years now. The best in the business. The best! "

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Hibad Jolson

"Five Star friendly services with many creative ideas for what ever business is looking for. Marketing advertisement, demo signage, banner signage for retail."

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Simpson K.

"Best signage in the area with prices that are competitive and good for my budget. I use the banner signage service for my marketing and events. About once a month we have new signage and Lonny has always been efficient and fair in his pricing. Thank you for that."